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A study was done in South Africa that showed seven out of ten woman and four out of ten men are considered overweight or obese. This means that just in South Africa, 42% of women and 13.5% of men are overweight, that’s almost half of South African adults. Survey shows that South Africans (both adults and children) are amongst the world’s heaviest people, that South Africans are slowly eating themselves to death.

More research has shown that 49% of South Africans never do any form of exercising while 71% of them have never even attempted to diet in order to lose weight. Even more disturbing, is that 17% of children under the age of ten are overweight and heading towards obesity. With so many weight loss programs and diet available today, there really is no excuse anymore (aside from medical reasons) for being overweight or obese. These days, there are so many weight loss programs choose from, people can even afford to be a little bit picky.

One such program is called a Fat Loss Factor. Which of course proms people to ask what is the fat loss factor diet all about? Simply put, the program founded by Doctor Charles Livingstone, a qualified wellness practitioner with a good reputation in the health and fitness industry. As with most programs, it takes twelve weeks to complete the program, and of course is broken up into sections. Continue reading

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Who would have thought that the color of our skin is almost considered a fashion accessory these days? As crazy as that sounds, it’s true. Last year (2014) and the year before, having a glowing, golden tan was considered all the rage. Twenty fourteen was the year for bronzing in the sun, and for those who could not obtained a golden tan in the usual way, opted for fake tans and cosmetic bronzing products.

However, more frequently than not, having a pale or white skin seems to be coming back into “fashion”. And because of this, girls (and some men) are looking for ways to achieve paler skin. There are many ways to lighten your skin. Whether you choose to do it with more natural products at home or whether you choose to use commercially produced products, it’s not that difficult to do. Continue reading

fight obesityEverybody knows how difficult it is to lose weight, especially for woman. Men seem to lose weight a lot easier than women do, but that has something to do with their high testosterone levels. And of course women’s bodies are designed to hold onto body fat, and the reason for this can be directly linked to pregnancy. The reason why woman’s body holds onto fat is to store fat in case of pregnancy.

So it comes as no surprise that women are constantly looking online for websites that give information on how to lose weight. The problem comes in when looking for a program that actually works, and delivers on all its claims. Unfortunately, women (at least these days anyway) are basically hardwired to look for anything that offers or promises things like “quick and easy” or “fast and effective”. Most of us live extremely fast paced lifestyles, and simply do not have time for complicated menus, shopping for special foods to eat on a specialty diet or complicated workout programs. The fast fixes what most of us are looking for. Continue reading

woman choosing alkaline foodThese days, a lot of people are becoming more health-conscious. There are taking care of themselves a lot better, going to the gym more frequently and eating healthier diets. A lot of people even going so far as to have their blood tested (if they do not know their blood types) and following diets that are more suited to their particular blood type. These kinds of diets are generally tend to lean more towards organic type foods or alkaline foods. If you’re interested in finding out more about these kinds of diets, read up on the alkaline diet plan for more detailed information on what this diet is and what it can do for you.

Most people don’t really care what their blood type is, or whether or not they are following a diet plan best suited for the blood type. More often than not, people are just simply trying to live cleaner, healthier lifestyles. There are a lot of ways to go about doing this, and if you are interested and haven’t yet started a cleaner, more healthy lifestyle, then here are some tips and advice on how to go about doing that.

First off, understanding what “clean” eating means will make it easier for anyone to follow. Eating clean means as far as possible, trying to eat organic food. This can be quite expensive for most people, so an alternate way of eating clean is to try and include as many vegetables in their diet as far as possible, even going so far as to eating as many of them as possible raw. Eating fresh fruit regularly is also part of eating clean. When it comes to protein, again, organic meat can be a bit pricy and can blow most people’s monthly food budget way over the line. Continue reading

how to approach a womanConsidering we live in such an advanced technical age you would think that most men would make use of the Internet to gain some insight and knowledge when it comes to women. Clearly this is not the case since there are still so many guys out there who are literally clueless about how to go about either approaching a woman, chatting to one or trying to get a telephone number or date. The Internet is everywhere these days, even on our cell phones so there really is no excuse, yet those guys do still exist. So for the few be don’t want to “take a course” in how to approach women in order to get a date, maybe this article of a few helpful hints will do the trick.

Now for those who are really not into “Googling” the information and would rather have something that they can refer back to whenever they feel like, then I suggest checking out the Badass Tao review and read up a on this particular program. (which does of course include an e-book which is completely downloadable) This particular webpage also refer you to how to go about buying the e-book if you are one of those who prefers to have something tangible to refer to. Right, so if you are one of those guys it seems to even be completely invisible to women or can’t understand why women are constantly turning you down, then the following tips might be of some use. You might be surprised that might be something as simple or small as the way you carry yourself or the way you dress. Continue reading

venus workout push upsIt is a fact that more than half the population of the world’s overweight or obese. Every single person knows at least one person who is either overweight or obese who is desperate to lose weight, and has probably tried and failed several diets. There’s nothing more disheartening than being excited to try a new diet program or workout program, thinking you’re going to make at this time, only to fail again. There is the secret about weight loss programs that most people don’t seem to know about, but is in fact glaringly obvious, but will get to that in a moment. In the meantime, check out the Venus factor. This program (and one other) works hand-in-hand with this secret that nobody seems to know about.

And the secret is that most diet programs and workout programs are doomed to fail because most of them have at least one design flaw, but a lot of them have more than one. The reason why most people fail at these diets and wind up cheating in inevitably, is because of this design flaw. Most diets or programs, make the fatal mistake of eliminating key food groups completely from their diet for however long the program runs. What almost every program fails to do is explain how and what to do once the program has run its course. Inevitably, dieters will return to their normal way of eating once you have completed the program. And this is where every diet fails because immediately the dieter will begin to put weight on again.

Usually the food group labelled “bad for you”, is carbohydrates. Now a lot of diet programs exclude fat and sugar as well, while others include dairy to that list. The problem with eliminating food groups, is that while they might make you lose weight now, as soon as you finish the program you are going to continue life as usual, which means reintroducing all the exclude food groups back into your diet. Continue reading

wealthy weight loss tipsWhen it comes to weight loss, the first thing anybody needs to do is first determine whether or not you are only slightly overweight, very overweight or obese. The reason for this is because not only are there so many different weight loss programs available today, they are also, or can be, extremely expensive. So determining how overweight you are in the first place, will help you figure out whether or not you even need a weight loss program to begin with. You might find that you do not need to invest in any kind of weight loss program at all, because with a few simple changes to your lifestyle and your diet, you can easily get rid of those few extra pounds on your own. On the other hand if you are a little bit overweight or obese, then it might be prudent to a) see your Doctor and b) begin looking for a healthy weight loss program that is best suited to you.

If you find that you might have to benefit from a weight loss program, then check out a few review pages on different programs that interest you before committing to that purchase. One such program is to check out the cruise control diet reviews page as well as this seems to be a very popular weight loss program these days. Reading review pages before making a purchase is not only smart, but allows you to do a little bit of research about that particular program while reading comments from people who have used the program and see what they think of it.

When it comes to weight loss or fat loss programs, the check is finding the few gems in the pile, so to speak. The fact is, about 90% of weight loss programs available online are not 100% balanced and don’t all have a follow-up maintenance program. The great deal of these programs are also not sustainable over long periods of time, therefore making them impractical, sometimes expensive, extremely difficult follow and therefore the main reason why most people fail to complete the program and therefore fail to lose weight. Red flags to look for are programs that claim unrealistic weight loss time-frames, require you to eliminate entire food groups from your diet and do not have follow-up maintenance plans. Continue reading

eat stop eat weight lossAs we get older, it becomes harder and harder to lose weight. Gone are the days of your teens and 20s when you could eat whatever you wanted and not work out at all, and get away with it. By the time we hit our 30s, we begin to notice things like cellulite, flabby tummies and bingo wings. We also notice that we seem to gain weight and little easier than we did when we were younger. We also noticed that we need to go to the gym and workout in order to maintain our body weight, and we also can’t eat the same as we did with the younger either. By the time we are nudging 40, things get even harder for us in the weight loss department. That all been said, there are things that we can do to make maintaining our body weight easier, and losing weight easier too.

Changing the way we eat is the first step to maintaining body weight or weight loss. If you’re more interested in not changing your diet too much, then maybe you will find the eat stop eat diet the ideal program for you. Read up a little bit more about this program and what people had to say by visiting the eat stop eat diet review page.

If fasting is not your thing, then there are plenty of other ways to lose weight or maintain your current body weight. One of the first things that you can try is to slowly start reducing the amount of refined sugar in your diet. Refined sugar, as in cane sugar, is found in a lot of products from the spices you use to soft drinks. On the topic of soft drinks, try to avoid diet sodas at all costs because even though they might not have any actual sugar in them, they are loaded with chemicals that imitates sugar, and is extremely bad for you. If you absolutely have to have a little bit of soda, then try to limit yourself as much as possible. Continue reading

woodworking with tedIf you have plans to start making furniture from home, the internet can help you find different woodworking plans. You can get good woodworking plans that will help you make coffee tables, decks, vessels, seats, among other furniture that you may want to have in your home. It is however important to know that not all plans you will come across on the internet are reliable. Teds woodworking seems to be legit and maybe worth checking out.

When choosing woodworking plans to help you make furniture from home, you will need to make sure that they are at par with your skill level. If you are a beginner, you should not start with complex projects such as building an intricate wall cabinet system for your stereo. Start out with simple projects and then slowly advance your skills to complex projects.

For you to be able to make good furniture, you will need to learn how to measure precisely and also how to work with various hand and power tools such as planes, drills, sanders, saws and routers. You will also need to learn how to properly construct and finish work. Starting out with something simple will help you learn these skills without necessarily using a lot of expensive materials. Continue reading

increase breast size naturallyMany women feel unhappy about their breast size and want to get bigger breasts with any method possible. Studies show that a majority of women around the world believe that their lives can improve if they have bigger breasts. Apparently, appearance plays an important role in life, and your breast size should not be an obstacle in any matter. Fortunately, for small-breasted women, there are a number of natural and completely safe methods for breast enlargement. Before reading these breast enhancing tips make sure to check out Boost your Bust reviews online. These reviews talk in detail about a popular eBook for breast enlargement

Even though the natural size of the breast is determined by DNA and other factors such as age, muscle mass, weight and appearance, with slight changes in lifestyle you can enhance your breast size to a satisfactory level. If you are not satisfied with your size, there are some successful methods that you can consider to enhance them naturally. Lets take a look at these methods in brief to give you a better insight of what you can do to get what you desire. Continue reading

singing-method-home-lessonshttp://superiorsingingmethodreviewzone.com/ : I grew up wanting to be a lot of things in my life and one of them was to be a singer. The problem with me and singing, and this is probably true for a lot of people, is the confidence issue. We lack confidence in ourselves and our singing ability and we worry about what people are going to think say. In other words, we fear negative feedback, so we don’t sing in public. Does this sound familiar to you? Have you always wanted to be able to sing with confidence and ease? Have you ever wanted to sing knowing you really can sing and people really like to listen to you? Then you are in the right place.

The superior singing method has been designed especially for people like us and for people who actually con sing all. So imagine just for a minute, if the program out there designed to take somebody was voice sounds more like nails on a chalkboard or a cat with its tail caught in the door, and turn them into confident, good singers, they just think what it can do for you. I mean this program has been designed to teach you how to use your voice in ways that opera singers do with the kind of ease that comes as simple and as easy as breathing. To be able to sing with that kind of ease and confidence, would be awesome.

This program is designed to teach you things like range. You’ll be able to hit any note regardless of how high or low it is, of course taking into account your natural vocal abilities and your sex, your range will go from let’s say three or four all out to anything between an eight or 10 depending on how well you study and practice, and how often. But it doesn’t stop with range. It teaches you how to control your voice as well which means no more shaky quivering notes and cracking voices in the middle of a word in a song, so let’s look a frog croaking and more like silky soprano. Let’s not forget of course vocal agility. Give a little to stay on pitch and sing with ease and the correct rhythm is also within your grasp with this program. Naturally of course we want power when we sing. Just imagine for a moment that scene in the movie Sister Act where Whoopi Goldberg takes this diminutive nun and teaches her, more like forces her, to take the tiny little mouse voice and transforms her into this powerhouse of sound. That is exactly singer yourself. Continue reading

cinnamon-house-captures-the-beauty-of-wildernessWilderness is aptly named because it looks completely wild, untamed, but stunningly beautiful all at the same time. Affordable wilderness accommodation is exactly the same! There are so many types of accommodations available all year round, it is very difficult to decide where to stay. My suggestion is to collect the brochures of all the different camping sites, hotels, bed and breakfasts, self-catering, spa style guesthouses, regular guest houses and everything in between and simply start with the one on top and work your way through your brochure collection until you have eventually stayed at them all. This is what I would do!

Some of the prettiest self-catering houses and guest houses are the ones that are almost hidden away. They are tucked away off the main road, further into the bush. One such lovely gem is a small group of self-catering guest houses that can accommodate from as few as two people up to 12 people. They are built out of wood and are high up on stilts overlooking the dark green forest and the pool. The largest of these houses has its very own private fire pit which is massive. Yu can even cook in this pit. The houses come fully equipped with kitchens and bathrooms and all the bedrooms have ample bedding.

Another adorable place is a small guest house painted the prettiest shade of sunshine yellow with white gingerbread trim. All the rooms have their own private balcony with a table and chairs on it overlooking the stunning garden. There is a lovely walkway that leads to all the rooms from the main house. In the main house you can sit in the cossy lounging area and enjoy a sherry in the evening before or after dinner at one of the many wonderful restaurants in the area. Continue reading

the-adonis-bodyWe live in a very enlightened era, we have seen agricultural, industrial and technological revolutions.  None have lasted quite so much as the age of reason, when mathematical algorithms and measures spoke to the society that heralded the time as the age of reason.  Davinci expressed perfection in his Vitruvian man, a drawing we have all seen and recognize as art, but we may not realize the significance of the piece.  The drawing represents the golden ratio, an algebraic standard of excellence and perfection.  Not just through art, but within the male form as well.  It is not simply the symmetry and the look that makes it so, it is also the most prime state a man’s body could ever hope to achieve.  Think of the statue of David.  It too, was created using the golden ratio.  Small wonder that it is still considered the optimal body to have all this time later.  How do you improve perfection?

People judge someone within the first few minutes of meeting them.  We cannot display our personality on our clothing, so the only thing anyone can really use to judge, is how we look and how we speak.  Women in particular are drawn to men within the golden ratio because it’s pre-programmed into a woman, to seek out the best possible male to give her strong and healthy offspring.  They can tell even at first glance whether a man is in his prime or not, and they gravitate to men who look the healthiest.  Adonis Golden Ratio is a system that utilizes the equation to it’s fullest potential, giving men with every body type the ability to live in the prime of their lives.  Magazines like Cosmopolitan, popular with women all over the world, have polled their readers to find out what ladies love in a man.  This body type wins over all others every time.

Though men’s magazines would have you believe that bulky is better, and drinking protein shakes and taking supplements are the key to fitness and gaining the love of the ladies, it is not on target at all.  It seems a bit of a dichotomy that what women really want is not hard to see or find, yet men get targeted through weight loss and muscle building programs to bulk up for success.  Interestingly enough, the men who the women preferred the most, living in the golden ratio, were proven to have the highest levels of testosterone, energy, and overall general good health.  It would seem that women can sense this without actually knowing for sure, and they go for that body type without fail, and without even understanding why.  It is much harder to sculpt lean muscle than it is to bulk up, so the question remains, how to become lean and muscular if you’re so far from the golden ratio? Continue reading

young woman receiving magnetic textIn this magnificent day and age, everyone including kids have cell phones. Technology is taking over everything and that goes for getting to know people and dating too. Creepy! That aside, you are no doubt one of the few blokes out there that has always seemed to be out of luck when it comes to the fairer sex. You can’t seem to get them to talk to you or if you do, you get no further than that. So let us assume you can get a girls number, but you have no clue how to proceed. This should be a bit of help for you then.

People are using this hip new term called magnetic messaging and all it means is texting. Yup, nothing mysterious here, just texting. But the trick is knowing how to use it now, isn’t it? Yeah, yeah, texting is easy. Even little kids can do it, but clearly you still need a lesson or two in how to use it to your advantage with women, or you would not be reading this. In fact, maybe you could take a couple of pages out of the younger kids’ book because they seem to have no trouble getting girls to talk to them via texting or getting a date. Kidding! Actually no, not kidding or you would not be looking for help on this department. This is where you have to learn how to join the social network and the actual social scene all at the same time. It’s time to learn and school is in!

This is where this article comes in. Teaching you how to communicate, and possible procreate, with a human woman. So if you are not all that savvy with the ladies, here we go. Magnetic messaging is the skilful, artful and very, very clever technique of our age used for communication. The unfortunate side effect is that people become socially inept because they rely solely on this technology and technique, therefore men become drooling idiots around women who seem to be able to channel their inner caveman with intelligent phrases like “Urrrghuh!” and “mmbllinhgghmm!” Sexy right? Yeah and this is why they don’t get the girl. If this is you, then keep reading. Keep reading if you are morbidly interested in your male comrades’ social instability with women, and a free lesson. Continue reading

wilderness_beach If you have never been to the region, it can be difficult to develop a realistic expectation for holidays to South Africa. This is especially true of Wilderness, South Africa. Wilderness is a seaside town on the Garden Route of the South African Cape that is home to vast, white beaches and vast array of wildlife and exotic birds. Unlike Cape Town, it is not battered by harsh winds, but instead, maintains a very moderate temperature and boasts gentle, warm winds. Best of all, the best of wilderness accommodation supplies holidaymakers with a range of luxury conveniences, breathtaking views and access to ample entertainment.

Those who love riding horses will be able to traverse trails that are dense with amazing sights and local animal and bird species. Riders can see both bushbuck and baboons while moving along the trails that pass over and through creeks, rivers and indigenous forest. Guided tours are even able to accommodate people who are brand new to horseback riding.

Golfers will find that there are ample courses to choose from, all of them situated conveniently in or near wilderness. With eight full courses to choose from an array of country club, those who wish to spend their time on the green will find more than adequate accommodations for doing so. This is the perfect place to polish your game, while ensuring that all others in your travel group are sufficiently entertained as well.

Exciting adventure tours is something that travelers can experience as well. These typically pass right through the Wilderness National Park and can be set at very relaxed paces. For more experienced hikers, however, there are challenging paths that are guided by seasoned veterans who know the area well.
Continue reading

acnenomorecleanIt is quite strange how some people are blessed with natural healthy skin while others suffer from skin imperfections and in some cases develop acne. The word acne is unpleasant to say and leaves a bitter taste on the tongue. This is especially true when using it when speaking about your own skins condition. You suddenly start having spots, bumps and red skin areas. People with sensitive skin are alot more susecptible to developing acne and so it becomes very important that you take great care of your skin. Avoiding an outbreak of spots, bumps and sore skin is your mission. The number one way to deal with acne is by choosing a natural treatment method. The acnenomore program is a natural holistic methos that does not use any form of chemicals or creams or medications. Since its launch, there have been an overwhelming amount of positive acne no more reviews.

Following a natural method of treating acne is preferable because it is sustainable, easy to follow, less expensive and more likely to provide a better skin improvement result. If you don’t follow a natural method of treating acne it is all too easy to slip into the relentless treatment cycles of buying and applying creams and hoping that they will work. Unfortunately purchased creams will more often than not only provide temporary improvement and will therefore need to be constantly applied. When you find that these creams are not effective the next step is often to visit your doctor. He will most likely prescribe stronger creams and also antibiotic types of medications. This sort of acne treatment is not sustainable and can cause the acne to worsen before any improvement is seen. It is best to avoid strong harsh treatments for acne as the more often they are used the less effective they then become.

Treat your acne in a natural way by avoiding the products that you have found that worsen the condition of your skin. A first starting point would always be to keep the affected skin areas as clean as they need to be. If you have a habit of touching your face for instance then you are going to quickly spread the bacteria around, that causes more spots and also the chances of infecting skin follicle and pore areas.  Aim to always keep the skin and the acne areas clean and avoid squeezing and picking at spots.  Using cleaning wipes might be alright if there are no other means to clean the skin, but they can feel drying to the touch especially if they are alcohol based.  It is preferable to set aside some time to clean your skin more thoroughly with a gentle non-soap cleanser. Ideally, you should try to keep the skin area clean at all times. Do not use soap based products to wash your skin as they cause your skin to dry out by removing the skins natural moisture. When the skin areas are dry they can become cracked and sore and become an ideal breeding ground for bacteria to grow. In acne the skin pores become blocked very easily, which is why it is important to remove the bacteria from your skin regularly. Continue reading